Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barry's site visit with Maria Grubb at El Monte Rosemead Adult School

Maria Grubb is off to a great start on her project already.  She has the support of her co-teacher, Wayne Miyahara (TIMAC cohort 5) and her principal Sara Shapiro. She also already has two mentees who are very interested in learning about building a web site using Wix and providing internet-based lessons as part of their instructional strategy.  In addition to working individually with her mentees, Maria plans to develop and present a series of 4 workshops on creating a class instructional website for instruction for all of the ESL teachers at the school. The workshops will become part of the overall professional development for staff for the coming year.
Maria with Principal Sara Shapiro and Tech Plan...

and with co-teacher Wayne Miyahara.

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