Friday, December 12, 2014

Bethany's Site Visit with Neda Anasseri at Folsom Cordova Adult School

On December 2nd, I visited TIMAC Mentor, Neda Anasseri at Folsom Cordova Adult School (FCAS) in Rancho Cordova. I had the pleasure of meeting with Neda, her Principal, Charlie Linebarger and Vice Principal, Rhonda Koff to discuss Neda's TIMAC project.

Currently, access to technology is quite limited at FCAS. While the school does have a large computer lab, there is no technology at all in the classrooms. This will change next month with the implementation of Neda's TIMAC project.

In January, each classroom will be receiving a desktop computer, document camera and LCD projector. Neda's TIMAC goals will involve learning how to use the new equipment and training FCAS teachers. This influx of equipment will offer numerous possibilities for technology integration in the classroom.  

This is an exciting project to be a part of and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to support Neda through the process. 

The computer lab at Folsom Cordova Adult School


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bethany! As an update, Things have changed immensely at FCAS. Each classroom does have a desktop computer, document camera, and LCD projector. Also, FCAS also use chromebooks in ESL and other classes.

Anonymous said...


That is great news! I'm sure the staff and students are very happy with the updated technology.