Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jaemi's Site Visit with Elena at Glenn Adult School!

I met with Elena and her Principal Jhan Dunn last Friday at Glenn Adult School.  We began our day with breakfast and discussed the importance of meeting and collaborating with one another in  the adult education field.  It doesn't happen enough, and is one of the wonderful components of the TIMAC program.  TIMAC allows educators to meet, discuss best practices, innovative ideas, and talk strategy when it comes to implementing technology into adult education programs.

Glenn Adult School is located within walking distance to their district offices, and shares the site with Success One! charter School.  Elena works both at the charter school and within the adult program.  Elena has a lot of great technology at her fingertips and an administrator who is supportive and really interested in getting technology integrated into the lives of students and staff.

Elena is skilled in her use of "all things technology". She approaches technology with a calm, can-do attitude which is a great model for students and any reluctant tech users!  Elena showed me the fun green screen program and talked about how it is used with students.  At first, I didn't comprehend how it was a relevant teaching tool - but quickly she explained that it was actually a tech tool that hooks students into learning very quickly.  The green screen program builds student creativity, search skills, presentation skills and public speaking all in a few clicks.  We had some fun with it too....
Elena will be working on a few projects - and is still deciding what will be a best fit for her and her mentees.  Stay tuned, a few great "tech" projects will be forthcoming.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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