Friday, December 11, 2015

Branka’s Site Visit with Sue at Tamalpais Adult School

After driving along scenic Hwy 37 overlooking San Pablo Bay to the south, I arrived at Tamalpais Adult School to meet with Sue who arrived hours before here evening class was to start. It was a special day that December 8 2015 because the Chromebooks arrived and were set up by the districts’ IT staff.

We excitedly talked about the possibilities Google Apps for Educations open up to us. We shared a Google Doc and explored options for Google Sites to be the platform for Sue’s Web site.  There would be multiple training following in January and February 2016, both by OTAN and the TAM district’s professional development team.  All of the adult learners will be given a district google email which will enable them to interact effectively with their teachers and collaborate amongst themselves.

Jaemi joined us later in the afternoon and we got a visit from the very supportive principal, Corbett Elsen.

 Photos from site visit to Sue at Tamalpais Adult School in December 2015

On the way back, I was so very grateful for having access to modern technology, this time not for education, but for transportation. Thanks to the adaptive cruise-control in my vehicle, the long ride back in heavy traffic felt like a ‘breeze’.  I was very hopeful that Tamalpais Adult School teachers and learners will also benefit from integrating Chromebooks and Google Apps for Educations as their achieving of academic and personal goals feels like a ‘breeze’ too. 

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