Thursday, December 03, 2015

Branka’s Site Visit with Aaron at LAUSD DACE, Evans Community Adult School

What a fun day! I met Aaron in his morning Health Information Management class. This program introduces students to the language of healthcare (terminology), healthcare administration, customer relations, appointment scheduling, minor accounting, chart noting and correspondence, protected health information standards, phone etiquette, paper and electronic health records, insurance cover-age options, computerized billing and insurance coding through workplace simulations.  It is broken down in five courses:
  • HIT 1: Terminology
  • HIT 2: EHR & Fling
  • HIT 3: Insurance/Billing
  • HIT 4: Diagnostic Coding
  • HIT 5: Ambulatory Coding

Aaron skillfully differentiates instruction for learners who may be in any of the five given courses. In addition to group work, the learners tap into a variety of resources to learn independently including commercial software for medical coding, mobile app simulation for  ambulatory coding, and online courses Aaron created and maintains on, a Moodle server provided by OTAN.

In the afternoon I joined Aaron in his afternoon class at East Lost Angeles Skills Center where he teaches a combination of CET and ESL/ABE/ASE class, which falls under the description of contextualized instruction. What this means is that Aaron provides additional support to the ESL learners in his health information management class. Here is a video of Aaron providing that additional vocabulary explanation. 
From TIMAC Site Visit to Aaron at LAUSD DACE, Evans Service Center, 2015.11.03

In contextualized instruction, the primary objective is to teach the basic skills of reading, writing, or mathematics in the context of a specific subject area ‘for the purpose of meaningful application’. Perin, D (2011) – source

Aaron’s TIMAC plan is to support ESL, ABE and ASE teachers to infuse more technology in their classes by using the interactive whiteboards more frequently and efficiently while using the most relevant online resource. In collaboration with the administrator Dr. Cliff de Cordoba, Aaron, Farzana and a team of teachers will post relevant information and resources on the school’s Web site. 

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