Friday, January 08, 2016

Farzana's Site Visit with Eric at Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center

I had a very productive meeting with Eric, his administrator and ESL department coordinators on my visit to Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center. Along with Eric, Dr. Sergio Sotelo (Dean, Instruction & Student Services School of Continuing Education), Rob Jenkins (ESL Department Coordinator), Sheryl Lee (ESL Coordinator for Specialty Classes), and Susan Gaer (ESL Instructor and Appmazing Race Coordinator) were present at the meeting and they all welcomed me excitedly. Moreover, they were all prepared and ready to support Eric with his TIMAC project!
My Site Visit to Rancho Santiago CCD, Centennial Education Center

We had the meeting in Eric’s classroom and I noticed that his class is very well equipped with an interactive smart board, an iPad cart, a document camera, a desktop computer and a printer. It is a wish-come-true for many techie instructors.

Eric teaches ESL Intermediate and is very skilled in using technology for his classrooms. He has been assisting and mentoring instructors at Centennial Education Center on how to use laptops for classroom instruction and to access and use college online software applications. 

Eric’s original plan was to mentor instructors in Pronunciation Department. However, Eric found his two mentees through Appmazing Race that they had as part of their PLC at Centennial Education Center. I attended the race and was able to listen to the presentations given by different groups/departments. At the end of the race, I witnessed that the instructors were eager to be his mentees. 

Eric setting up schedules with his mentees  

Eric is very lucky to get support from his administrators for his TIMAC project. It was quite pleasing to hear during the meeting that they are willing to provide monetary incentives for Eric and his mentees for their time.

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