Thursday, December 10, 2015

Farzana's Site Visit with Renee at Sweetwater UHSD Adult Education

Last year in December and  this year in January, I went to visit Renee Small and her principal Mr. Bernard Balanay at her Sweetwater UHSD Adult School. She came 4 hours before her evening class to meet with me and to discuss her TIMAC project. What a dedication and an effort!

Renee checking the specs, functions and features
of her new document camera and the wall mounted projector
Renee connecting her Surface tablet to the projector

Renee testing her new document camera
Renee teaches ESL classes in the evenings. Although I did not get to see her teaching, I was able to observe a few things in her class. Her classroom has several computers a long the wall and a sharp, fancy, big screen TV in the front of the class. All those computers in the class have several ESL software programs to provide extensive grammar practice as well as listening, reading, and writing activities. The smart TV which is capable of connecting with the internet, playing videos, audio recordings, YouTube videos, Picassa photos, and much more, is connected to her desktop computer.
Renee Small and Farzana Cassim in the Computer Lab

Before we sat down for a discussion of her TIMAC project, Renee gave me a tour of the Computer Lab which she takes her students regularly. Then she took me to meet with her principal Mr. Bernard Balanay. Mr. Balanay is a very supportive of Renee as he knows that she is very interested in incorporating technology in her classes. He sees potential in Renee and her ability to help others become more proficient and confident with classroom technology.

As a technology enthusiast, she is quite willing to commit to learn more classroom technology skills by utilizing the existing technology equipment in her class. As her TIMAC project, Renee wants to learn to use a document camera that her school provides to teach her two mentees and other colleagues. Her plan is to gain a solid skill and confidence using it to have a more dynamic and an interactive classroom.

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