Thursday, April 07, 2016

Jaemi's Site Visit with Tommie at Fresno Adult School

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Fresno Adult School

Tommie is working on several TIMAC projects this semester - and they all showcase her skills, expertise and drive to bring technology into the lives of her students and colleagues at Fresno Adult School.

"Nothing can stop us teacher", says one of Tommie's new computer literacy students.  This comment was in response Tommie's worry that student attendance would be low on the first day of computer class due to a big storm that rolled in to Fresno.  The class started in early March, and on the first day, despite the weather, 28 students arrived ready to learn computer basics!  Tommie also has a few student volunteers to help in this class.  Students in the class are learning, computer literacy - strong emphasis on vocabulary, USA Learns, and North Star Digital Literacy program. There is a currently a waitlist for the computer literacy class.

Tommie's Classroom

Tommie has a fabulous classroom at Fresno Adult School.  It is welcoming, the walls are full of engaging posters, total participation-type assignments, English language learning tips, tricks and evidence of really great teaching!

USA Learns, Mentees and More...
Tommie is working with the USA Learns program and mentoring two ESL teachers to use this program with their students. Tommie's plan is to teach some of her more tech-savvy ESL students to provide support to students within her classroom and in her mentee's classrooms to use USA Learns program.   Tommie is also using Typing Club with her ESL students, issuing certificates for those that meet typing benchmarks.

Fresno Adult School's Policies & Procedures

It was great to visit with Tommie and hear what she is doing with students and colleagues to integrate technology into their programs at Fresno Adult School.

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